Water Damage – Help Guide

We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below. If, however, you have any specific questions about your case, please feel free to consult your project manager or technician: 888-948-1933

Q: How quickly can I be back in business or home?

A: This really does depend on the extent of the damage. Your project manager will be able to quickly assess the loss and put together a business recovery plan. With some practical steps you can take yourself and a quick response from us, we can minimize the extent of the damage and speed up the recovery time.

Q: Do I need to stop business while Action is on site?

A: As long as we are aware of any safety issues, we will organize our work to fit around you and your business needs. This means as much as possible, you can continue working.

Q: What about Health and Safety?

A: All of our commercial technicians are trained in Health & Safety. They will carry out a risk assessment prior to any work being undertaken at your premises.

Q: What is the purpose of a dehumidifier?

A: A dehumidifier removes moisture from the affected areas drying out the building and its contents. It may be used to protect machinery or equipment from corrosion or further damage. It is not a heater; however it will raise the temperature in the area slightly.

Q: Can the dehumidifiers be turned off at night or weekends?

A: To ensure the building dries as quickly as possible and to protect equipment from deterioration, it is important that dehumidifiers run 24-hours a day.

Q: Should I open the windows and doors?

A: If a dehumidifier has been installed, you should keep windows and doors shut to prevent any outside moist air entering the space.

Q: Why are the dehumidifiers still on when everything looks and feels dry?

A: Moisture gets trapped inside the walls unless the drying process is completed properly. It is likely that after a short time the moisture will reach the surface and signs of water damage will return if the drying process is not completed. This can include patches and even mold. Please do not look to redecorate any water damaged areas until your technician has certified them dry.

Q: How will I know when the building is completely dry?

A: Your technician will take regular readings to ensure dryness.

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